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Flip Box: Free Demo Added

A topic by DoverGamingCompany created Jul 07, 2017 Views: 117
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Flip Box is a dynamic 3D platformer where a large maze-like structure moves in real time, and your character has to navigate it to reach the finish line in the center.

Free demo with the first 4 levels is now available for direct download on in addition to our website. Both the demo and full version are now at the point of being decently playable. In the future I will be looking into polishing up the game to make it run smoother, and possibly add more levels eventually. First time developing, feedback welcome. 


About me: Over the past couple months, I have been teaching myself Unreal Engine 4 in my spare time, and used a very primitive version of this game to get the basics down. Once I became more comfortable with the software, I decided to expand the concept into a full-blown game that would actually be fun to play. I ended up going from 2 to 12 levels and decided to add different art styles to the levels as well, with ideas for plenty more. Myself and a few of my friends decided to call ourselves Dover Gaming Company, but I created this game on my own as a hobby.