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Make and teach robots to automate the world! · By Denki

Some bugs/problems

A topic by lepelchannel created Jul 06, 2017 Views: 392 Replies: 2
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The game looks awesome, kudos for that.

Here's some things I noticed while playing:

  • If I drop my axe behind a tree (because I confused right with left mouse click) there's no way to get it aside of making a new axe and chopping down the tree. This happens a lot, at least to me. Basically if you want to chop down a tree and accidentilly press right mouse button then your axe is gone untill you make a new axe and chop that tree down.
  • When placing down a blueprint you can't move around the map with WASD, this often forces you to exit the build menu, position your camera so that you can see where you want to place it while making sure that when you open the build menu that same menu doesn't cover that spot.
  • When a workerbot enters an undiscovered piece of land it just disappears, maybe make it discover the land or add some sort of indicator.
  • It would be nice to be able to right click to exit out of the build menu or inventory, clicking the X or pressing Esc is a bit less handy.
  • It's a bit confusing that left click means pick up, but also action. It's happened more than once that I forgot I had an axe in my hand and was suddenly making planks instead of picking up my log.
  • You have 4 quick slots, but if I'm holding an axe there's no way to pick anything else up, using < and > to switch doesn't work if I'm only holding the axe. I have to go into my inventory and manually drag the axe to one of the bottom slots.
  • While I was carrying a log over to a blueprint I kept my inventory open to see what would happen to the log in there. After my character dropped it the log stayed in my inventory. I tried moving it but it then was stuck to my mouse and I could only press Esc to exit the inventory. After re-opening my inventory it was gone from there. I then clicked my workbench and selected "Crude gear" but after that there was suddenly a white quare with "log" floating on top of everthing.

I'll be sure to note any other things I find!


Nice one! Thank you.


(And we'll be sure to address as much as we can in the meantime.)