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I had fun :D

I don't think I really got this game

I was a bit critical...

Oh man, they did look strange

Hope my boss doesn't see this

I really loved this

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Jjomsviking, you could have just gotten it for free, you were the one who decided to pay for it. And if you're going to say "I didn't know you could get it for free!" you seriously need to pay better attention when you buy stuff.

Is it bad I compared this to TABS?

I shouldn't have skipped the controls

I love signs

I love this game so much.

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Please tell me

This was awesome!

Great game, can't wait for more content!

I literally only just made it to the end! I mean, you can die in this game right?

The game has some problems, I keep clipping through stuff, see the last part of this video:

Really cool game, and it does give you a dilemma at the end.

I feel like I didn't actually play everything the game had to offer.

You really need some skill to finish this game! What's up with the last level tho?

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Great game, can't wait to play more!