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I mean I only play on PC, but this?

3. Get off of Tiktok scums. You're not invited or welcomed here. This place is strictly PC enthusiast only, and none if you clearly know what is. Don't touch Gamejolt.
Strictly PC enthusiast only? How old are you, 13?

The game has no save function, it tells you that. You can press Esc and close the game from the menu, but it just doesn't have a save feature. The closets are just checkpoints for when you die.

Great little concept!

Fun and short little game! I was missing some music tho so I added it in post production.

Oh really, to me it felt like the game was "loading" the glitch, for example everything turning white etc. and just couldn't keep up. Feels more like lag right now but that could just be me.

Says it's unavailable on any platform:

This was weird, trippy, and awesome. I hated how slow the character moves though, but aside of that this made me burst out laughing.

I tried this using a controller and a keyboard (not having anyone to play this with atm) and I'm really loving this. It's a bit of a Super Smash Brawl with destruction of the environment. It might be handy to make the "cut the world to shreds" orbs appear a bit more slowly, right now you can basically make the level unplayable within a minute. But I guess that's also part of the fun.

I found a bug in the game, if you walk all the way to the right and jump into the wall while holding right (D) you stick to the wall. If you then repeatedly press jump then you start moving up.

I was able to get all the way to the top of the building.

Then I could just jump down to the flagpole and finish the game.

How to play this? It says it's unavailable on any platform.

Cool! I got killed at about level 4 I believe, there were some high level dudes around. Keep up the good work!

How do we play this? It says it's unavailable on any platform, not windows, not mac, etc.

This was loads of fun to play! Some music and sounds would be nice though, but still. 

I like the concept, slightly creepy etc. But the problem is that before one of the "glitches" happens the whole game freezes for about half a second, which kind of takes the surprise out of it and also makes you almost miss the effect. I'm running a pretty decent gaming PC (i5-6500 / GTX 1070) so it might needs some optimization.

Really cool little game! I loved playing it through a few times and finding the different endings. One problem I had though was that after the girl dies and you then follow her to the left the game said "faster", 'faster!" which made me click through too fast making me miss some dialogue, because I thought it was time based.

I always like games that let you destroy structures and buildings, but if I hit anything at all that has barrels the game completely freezes. Might need some optimization, I'm running a pretty decent PC with an Intel i5-6500 and a GTX 1070.

The controls could use a bit of tweaking but I like the concept of being able to shoot balls that also propel you. There's nothing in the in-game manual about being able to shoot balls with left-click so it took some finding out, but cool game. I'd recommend turning up the walking speed to really make it into a speedrunning game.

I am really loving this, even in it's early stages. The gameplay already feels pretty solid, can't wait to see it expanded on. 

Games that using blocking and attacking are always a hit or miss for me, and this is a hit. The knockback on the enemies when you land a hit feels satifying and gives you a good flow in attacking. 

It's still easy to get hit but it feels like you're in control and can actually get a feeling for the flow of the battle.

Works! The game now starts in fullscreen and works as expected on my home PC. I won't be able to test on my work PC until monday but this version seems to work perfectly.

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Rated 👍

Something popped in my mind as a suggestion for the bow. If you happen to decide to make it as fast as the hammer, maybe limit it to 2 or 3 arrows at the same time. So if you shoot a 3rd or 4th arrow the first arrow will just disappear. That could prevent people from spamming the bow.

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The game looks awesome, kudos for that.

Here's some things I noticed while playing:

  • If I drop my axe behind a tree (because I confused right with left mouse click) there's no way to get it aside of making a new axe and chopping down the tree. This happens a lot, at least to me. Basically if you want to chop down a tree and accidentilly press right mouse button then your axe is gone untill you make a new axe and chop that tree down.
  • When placing down a blueprint you can't move around the map with WASD, this often forces you to exit the build menu, position your camera so that you can see where you want to place it while making sure that when you open the build menu that same menu doesn't cover that spot.
  • When a workerbot enters an undiscovered piece of land it just disappears, maybe make it discover the land or add some sort of indicator.
  • It would be nice to be able to right click to exit out of the build menu or inventory, clicking the X or pressing Esc is a bit less handy.
  • It's a bit confusing that left click means pick up, but also action. It's happened more than once that I forgot I had an axe in my hand and was suddenly making planks instead of picking up my log.
  • You have 4 quick slots, but if I'm holding an axe there's no way to pick anything else up, using < and > to switch doesn't work if I'm only holding the axe. I have to go into my inventory and manually drag the axe to one of the bottom slots.
  • While I was carrying a log over to a blueprint I kept my inventory open to see what would happen to the log in there. After my character dropped it the log stayed in my inventory. I tried moving it but it then was stuck to my mouse and I could only press Esc to exit the inventory. After re-opening my inventory it was gone from there. I then clicked my workbench and selected "Crude gear" but after that there was suddenly a white quare with "log" floating on top of everthing.

I'll be sure to note any other things I find!

I played it a bit more now, one thing that bothered me was the bow weapon. Before the bow you get the hammer, and I was able to attack much faster with the hammer and get a nice amount of money. Then you spend a few thousand coins on the next weapon, and you get the bow which shoots really slow in comparison. So I basically went backwards with the amount of money I was getting.

I'd recommend either making the bow shoot at least as fast as the hammer attacks, or allowing you to switch between weapons so I can use the hammer for hitting the chest.

On the time before the coins fade away, I didn't see you can upgrade the loot life time :) My bad!

Very short game (about 5 min) but I love the style and it was fun to play. Great job!

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The blue skies/futuristic looking stage. I died because of the boss (or I believe it was the boss).

Works like a charm. I tried the normal Itch build on my work PC too and I have the same problem, black screen but with sound. Apparently Alt + Tab does work, but it takes about 10 seconds to actually switch to windowed. The last time I tried it I probably tried Alt + Tab and then used Alt + F4 after a few seconds when it didn't appear to be working.

Eh, itch says this game is not available for Windows? It says it's not available on any platform.

Tried that, didn't work sadly :/ Didn't do anything, I often use Alt + Enter for games.

Sorry, I was too eager and just installed the game after viewing the screenshots, never bothered to read the description. Don't have a VR headset :)

Died once, then after respawning my character was invisible.

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Edit: Oops, my bad, didn't see this was VR


Installed and booted up, I just get a screen with some heads talking and nothing works. Tried pressing every button on my keyboard but nothing happens.

The game starts and the music plays, but my screen just stays black. Windows 10 Professional, GTX1070 with up to date drivers.

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Fell down a 30cm high ledge, lost some health. Tried food, drinks, herbal medicine, antibiotics and a large medkit, nothing restored my health.

Eventually died from little bits of damage sustained each time I walked off a small ledge or stairs.

fml/10, would recommend

I really like the game! I do have two things to say tho. 

1. The coins that fall out of the chest go away too quickly, sometimes I have two coins pop out of it right after eachother and I can only get one because the other one fades away before I can get to it.

2. Enemies just randomly drop on your head and kill you. I kept getting slimes just dropping on my head and sending me back to town, really frustrating as you can't do anything against that.

Cool pre-alpha demo! I played through it, though I did notice one bug. After I completed the demo I pressed the continue button on the main menu, that brought me back to the room with the big brain. However, when I activated the vacuumcleaner bot I wasn't able to go through the door anymore, it kept saying I needed a red key, even though the door was open while the bot passed through.