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Evil Clutches v1.0.0

A simple, quick, addictive shooter. Completely free! · By beef_erikson_studios

Hilarious game!

A topic by jerrak created Jul 03, 2017 Views: 120 Replies: 2
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Good work.  I'd like the dragon to be about 25% of its size and the baddies to come at me a little slower.

Cute graphics though, nice ominous music.


Thanks :) Just a simple little thing. If I ever fire up gamemaker again I'll make the suggested adjustments! 

Switched over to Unity, will have future projects in that engine

Hell yes to Unity!  I did the same. Made a simple little game, almost finished it during the Shenanijam and then GM pulled the temporary license so I couldn't finish it. :(  So .. Unity it is!