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In Game Adventure: Legend of monsters

A topic by MoraesStudio created Jun 30, 2017 Views: 394 Replies: 1
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A top-down shooter that prioritizes the high difficulty. With a variety of clever weapons and enemies, Legend Of Monsters is an ideal game for players looking for quick and challenging fun without taking too much out of pocket.

Beautiful and challenging: Perfect combination of retro art pixel with a frantic and challenging environment full of insane battles. Varieties of weapons and enemy: several types of weapons with advantages and disadvantages for each occasion and an army of intelligent and prepared enemies for combat. It will never be the same: All phases of the game are generated randomly. Leaving the game different for everyone. Arcade Mode: Have fun in random phases. Light: Run on any computer! Steam Achievements: Get Steam Achievements

* The game was inspired by great titles like "Nuclear Throne" and "Enter The Gungeon".

In Game Adventure on steam

Steam Link >>> Link >>>


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