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Train Station Game Assets

309 static tiles (32x32 in size) + 8 animations for use in your project! · By GuttyKreum

Licensing Question

A topic by euclidean-whale created 86 days ago Views: 28 Replies: 3
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Just want to make sure that I'm reading correctly.

Is your licensing compatible with an open source game in a "pay whatever you feel like" setup? Seems like no.

Developer (1 edit)

Heya! You can use my tilesets in free or commercial projects (doesn't matter what price you sell the game at). But If the game is open source so that it can be edited and all files included in it used for whatever the purchaser (including making a new game using your game as a base) likes then it would not be compatible with my license as that would be considered reselling my assets.

That makes sense. I'll keep you in mind for future projects that may be compatible.

Developer (1 edit)

No worries! I am happy to hear that you'll consider me for future projects. Feel free to reach out whenever you like. :)