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Savegame location?

A topic by oxymoron_02 created Jan 16, 2021 Views: 233 Replies: 4
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Hi, I'm trying to record a video of Acolyte and after multiple takes to attempt to get a good intro I realised that the game doesn't show me the EULA anymore, which I want to include in my intro as it's part of the game. But even after deleting the download folder and unloading the original ZIP again, the game jumps straight to Ana introducing herself. 

Where does this game save to? I've been trying to find it in the usual places so that I can delete it and start fresh.


Hi there! There's a quicker solution to your problem -- if you hit Escape to bring up the main menu in the game, you simply hit 'CLEAR DATA' to wipe your save. 

Hope that helps!

Whoops ahaha, many thanks! 


Any time!

For future reference the folder is 


It also holds the logs in case you need them.