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The Vaccination Game

Vaccinate and prevent a pandemic! · By mrcwimm

Interesting Game

A topic by bigguy978 created Jan 16, 2021 Views: 71 Replies: 3
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I found that game interesting to play and the timer to be an compelling concept. I'm surprised that the starting location isn't randomized as I quickly contained the outbreak to India and spent most of the weeks with no worry.

Hi! I'm one of the developers behind this game. Thanks for the feedback! To answer your implicit question, the starting location is not randomised to provide the same experience to every player. The idea is for this game to be played in schools, so every student can have the same experience with different strategies and learn the importance of vaccination.

I do agree with you though. To add replayability, the starting location should definitely be randomised, or at least different campaigns should be available :)

cool game i win with only 100 000 victim instead of  1 100 000

Thanks! And very well done!