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Very cool. I kept getting sensor range upgrade on my ship rather than the probes which meant that I only need the probes to probe potential courses and not the course I believed would be most efficient. I couldn't tell if the height map background did anything but it would be cool if it changed and/or reflected gameplay like more fuel usage when the lines were closer together

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Really fun and really hard! Especially the North America map, once a person goes against quarantine it is practically impossible to win afterwards. I enjoyed the healing mechanic, though in the Africa map the infected can't go below 5% or more infections pop up randomly, which is annoying

I love how elastic the moving the map feels. Once I figured out the puzzle (I missed the tips section) I just started moving around the mess that was my map. It has the right amount of elastic to respond to what I want and rigid enough to keep the other side in place

Cool game but some criticism. Nuclear power's water upkeep is too much. You can either have a solar panel producing 3.5 power or a Nuclear power with a Gas collector producing a net of 1.5 power. The Air coil upgrade is not worth it as you get less O2 (1.0 to 0.8) and requires more power.

Cool game. I achieved a highscore of 208 after my fourth try. Reminds me of King/Queen Domino

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Nuclear power is very rarely worth it. The material is usually more expensive than the power produced.
Ex. Right now 2,100 power / 0.3 material * $3/power = $21,000/ material. It rarely ever goes below $30,000
Edit: It is now profitable to use but it takes a considerable amount of time from when you get it to when it is usable.

I am glad that you were able to make Acquire and it plays just like the orginal. Unfortunately I have encountered a bug: There can be more than 25 shares per company.

I found that game interesting to play and the timer to be an compelling concept. I'm surprised that the starting location isn't randomized as I quickly contained the outbreak to India and spent most of the weeks with no worry.