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Out Run-like Racer in Construct 3

Basic implementation of a pseudo-3D racer in Construct 3. · By Alce


A topic by Vytswell created Jan 14, 2021 Views: 77 Replies: 3
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Any chances on improving performance? In Codeincomplete's javascript-racer I get solid 90FPS with highest resolution and dozens of objects on screen, but here I can't get stable 60FPS on turns with a little amount of objects.


There's two main bottle necks here:

  1. I made this before the scripting update for Construct 3, so everything is handled via events and tons of objects. Rewriting the whole thing via scripting would probably give it a performance boost and make the codebase much cleaner.
  2. The Drawing Canvas plugin itself has poor performance at higher resolutions. It works pretty well for simple effects but if you want to draw the whole game in it it'll only work well at a low resolution. Faced a similar issue in this template which is written purely in Javascript.

I made this as a little side project for fun, but if I ever do come back to it to add features and improve perfomance it'll be to release it as a paid template.

I would definitely pay for a good template, escpecially for Construct 3. You see, I've grown on Outrun and similar game, so I really want to make a game, that will pay tribute to outrun and to my childhood, that's why I'm eagerly looking for a proper template for such project, and I got no success, because on the one hand, it's very niche genre, and on the other hand, I'm very bad at programming, that's why I stuck to Construct 2/3 for years. How can I reach you in person for discussing paid template?


I'm currently unavailable for work, sorry :/ You should check out the Construct Community Discord, there's an #offers channel where you can find a lot of talented people who would be interested in a paid opportunity such as this. I'm on the server as @aecanales, ping me over there if you need anything else!