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Hey! This was made in the early days of scripting in Construct. Since then they've released an update forcing scripts to run as modules. You can either try opening the project in an older version of C3 (r250 or lower) to be able to run in classic mode or upgrade it following this guide:

Oops, that's something we didn't manage to fix for the jam version. All of the small tables cost 300. Thanks for playing!

Hiya, works fine for me on Firefox and Chrome, but we'll look into it!

Wow, thanks for playing the game so extensively! We made this game in a weekend for a game jam, so there was some art that we made but did not manage to add into the game. Sorry for the misleading screenshots!

Thanks so much for the video :D

I'm currently unavailable for work, sorry :/ You should check out the Construct Community Discord, there's an #offers channel where you can find a lot of talented people who would be interested in a paid opportunity such as this. I'm on the server as @aecanales, ping me over there if you need anything else!

There's two main bottle necks here:

  1. I made this before the scripting update for Construct 3, so everything is handled via events and tons of objects. Rewriting the whole thing via scripting would probably give it a performance boost and make the codebase much cleaner.
  2. The Drawing Canvas plugin itself has poor performance at higher resolutions. It works pretty well for simple effects but if you want to draw the whole game in it it'll only work well at a low resolution. Faced a similar issue in this template which is written purely in Javascript.

I made this as a little side project for fun, but if I ever do come back to it to add features and improve perfomance it'll be to release it as a paid template.

It is possible! You'd have to write it yourself though by combining the functions that generate a hill and those that generate a curve though.

Thank you so much for making a video!

Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a detailed comment :D Animal Crossing was definitely an inspiration but we hadn't thought of multiplayer, thanks for the idea. We're pretty proud of what we did and definitely plan to continue expanding it, would love to collaborate with you someday if the opportunity arises!

Totally agreed, the "fun" aspect needs more work. Thanks for the feedback!

Exactly what we were aiming for, glad that we achieved it :) Thanks for playing!

Aww thanks, we hope to keep improving the game while keeping the calm aspect mind. Hope you're safe too!

That's interesting to know, thanks for telling us, we'll remember it for the next update!

Glad to hear that!

Wow, thank you so much for the detailed feedback! We spent so much time testing with unlimited money that we didn't realize the game was so grindy, so we'll definitely work on that. All of your ideas are great, so we'll definitely take them in account for future updates to make the game as fun as possible. Thanks for playing!

PS: the customers getting stuck is a bug that came up in the last hour of the jam so we didn't manage to fix it :p

Glad to hear you enjoyed it! Multiple orders sounds great.


Extremely impressive work! Combat is simplistic but the fun exploration and progression make up for it. Going up stairs is pretty hard tho :p

Agreed that controls are a bit glitchy at times but the gameplay loop is pretty cool, enjoyed it!

There is something so enjoyable about collecting coins, reminds me of collecting star bits in Mario Galaxy.

After selecting some food the animation is meant to play, but we didn't have time to do individual animations (a coffee pouring animation for example) so we just play random animations in that case. 

To unlock more food you have to buy the fridge or the bakery! Once you have that people will ask more variety.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Great suggestions! The gameplay loop came together in final hours of the jam so we couldn't polish the progression very much, but your tips are great place to start.

Thanks for trying it out!

Finally got around to playing it! Was really fun. The 360 view and slick futuristic UI helped a lot with the immersion in the world. TBH I didn't manage to understand the breaker puzzle, the first light was clear enough but I couldn't get the second combination and had to look it up. I love the interaction icons but I would consider having it stand out a bit more by animating it, maybe the same scan line effect as for the portraits? Balance between exploration and dialogue was great so the overall pacing worked really well. Looking forward to more if you decide to continue it!

Played for a while, had lots of fun! The art style has a really strong pallete, I'd maybe just swap the font for a more pixel looking one. The jump feels a bit weak, but the wall jumping is lots of fun. I like the effect of going back to the start of the level when you die, but it feels slow and frustrating when you've advanced a lot. 

Me dio mucha risa el final XD Buena demo!

Oh sorry, I missed that! You have to create the object in a "On start of layout".

You can add red lights and people just like I described here, just no need to change strip_iid. If you want to animate people crossing the street, you could change their relative_x to make them move across the road.


To create other cars, you'll have to add them to the project as a Tiled Background and then include them in the WorldObject family. To create an object it's as simple as creating it, setting a strip_id (indicating on which strip of the track it'll be created) and setting the relative_x (-1 represents the left edge of the track while +1 represents the right edge). The (x, y) position you create it a doesn't matter. For example, with a tree:

To make cars move, you can add to strip_iid. Another example with trees:

It's not smooth, but it's the simplest solution. The only problem is that you can run into a rendering glitch if you drive into the tree. A quick fix would be to change the following function in [M] Rendering:

Al final nunca pude derrotar el jefe xd Pero muy entrete el juego, es bueno la mecánica de agarrar y tirar, y se sentía muy cohesivo el estilo de arte el tema y la música.

Me gustó el twist educativo y chileno a juego clásico :)

Thanks for the feedback, it's pretty useful!

Seems a lot of people are having problems with that puzzle, think I'll have to redesign it.

Really detailed feedback! Thanks, I appreciate it.


Yay for Construct 2!