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I would definitely pay for a good template, escpecially for Construct 3. You see, I've grown on Outrun and similar game, so I really want to make a game, that will pay tribute to outrun and to my childhood, that's why I'm eagerly looking for a proper template for such project, and I got no success, because on the one hand, it's very niche genre, and on the other hand, I'm very bad at programming, that's why I stuck to Construct 2/3 for years. How can I reach you in person for discussing paid template?

Any chances on improving performance? In Codeincomplete's javascript-racer I get solid 90FPS with highest resolution and dozens of objects on screen, but here I can't get stable 60FPS on turns with a little amount of objects.

Thanks for the nice demo, I have started researching it, and didn't found function to generate curved hill. Is it possible to implement it here?