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First Major Update of CRAB-T and a Poll about What I should do next kind of...

A topic by rieou created Jun 28, 2017 Views: 84
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Hello I am here to announce the first major update of my joke game Competitive Roll-A-Ball tutorial. I this update I discuss a few things about what happened the other promised features, control schemes, the new tutorial, pre-rounc counter and more...! for the full update here please read as it expounds upon all topics talked about here!

But what I really want to talk about the future plans section of the devblog as this update really didn't change the core game but added to it. I have three choices: either work on online multiplayer, aesthetics, or organizing my code. each has there own benefits and draw backs(as stated in the official devblog) but in the end they all must get done I am just trying to figure out  what to do next and that is where you come in. You get to choose between any of the choices listed and tell me which one I should put my full attention to. I work alone so these things will take atleast and definitely more than one week to do this isnt something I just rush through either these are all things I will eventually HAVE TO DO the point of the poll is to see which one should be first here is where you can vote 

Overall this update was just a buffer for even bigger updates latter on I hope you like it.

thank you for taking the time to read this and enjoy!