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Highly Recommend Ghosts-Only channel

A topic by SiennaCitrine created Jan 03, 2021 Views: 1,509 Replies: 1
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Just played my first game with some friends. I HIGHLY recommend making a ghosts-only channel where ghosts can brainstorm ahead of time; we were able to have a haunted hacienda in Santa Fe with 4 connected ghosts from the same family (one died in 1890 in the late Victorian era, the next in 1930s Great Depression, next ghost is 1970s, and the final ghost died last week, all direct descendants), coming to a bad end when they come into contact with cursed gold from the family mine. It was a lot of fun. And having the ghosts-only channel meant we could stockpile links to music, images, etc and confer with each other to keep track of rules and backstory.


Oh this sounds like great advice. Thanks for the tip, I'll have to add this to our Ghost Discord channel for when we play this game again!