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Are there plans for a Volume Two for Orchidelirium? I really enjoyed our first play-through today and if any additional materials become available I would like to add them to my rpg collection :)

Thank you so much!

I ended up keeping to my original plan because I liked being able to see the player's character sheets on Google Jamboard and have everything all together. I thought it worked really well. Here is a view-only link to our Jamboard from this morning's session in case anyone would like to see how it worked:

Jamboard Link

My players turned back after 3 orchids (and discovering some gold), so they didn't have a particularly perilous journey--they didn't make many tests of wit since they had plenty of objects for the most part--but at least one of my players said she liked it that way, so they could focus more on interesting story elements with how they use the objects instead of just fearing for their lives. I did make them use quite a few objects to get home safely though (e.i. escaping the brewing storm, a success for each of them to avoid Willoughby's treachery) so I think they all felt they did the prudent thing.

We really liked the pre-made adventure, I thought the game was very well made and is pretty unique as far as ttrpgs I've tried. I recommend writing down all the player names and putting a tally mark next to each person when they take their turns, so as GM you can make sure everyone gets an even amount of turns. Since I didn't want to write in my hardcopy book I also wrote a column for Risk, Reverie, and Reward and made tally marks for those as well, starting a new line each time they found an orchid.

I'm not sure if I was supposed to make the players succeed at an obstacle when they had a Reverie. I just used it as a character moment without making them roll or use an object. I suppose you could make the game significantly more perilous by requiring successes with Reveries as well as Risks.

Hello! I am planning on running Orchidelirium over the web for a group of friends, and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for what platform to use? My current plan has three parts: a) use Discord for voice & video, b) have an actual, physical deck of playing cards I can look at as the GM, and c) upload the playmat to Google Jamboard and use sticky notes to indicate cards as they are revealed. I can have additional frames on Google Jamboard for other things  like keeping track of hired hands and character sheets. 
Has anyone else run a game online? How did it go? I thought about using Roll20 since it has a Playing Card Macro, but since you can't control how the deck is shuffled or take a peak at it as a GM it seemed pretty useless, and Jamboard I think will be clearer to see since it is simpler.
Love to hear your thoughts! Thank you :)

Thank you!

Anyone have any suggestions for playing BF&B remotely? 

I'm planning on using Google Drawings (+ a digital card deck from and voice chat over Discord), but I'm not thrilled with how Google Drawings doesn't really let us color in buildings. The best we'll be able to do is circle buildings with the scribble tool. Google Jamboard has a great highlighter tool that would work well, but it doesn't have enough colors! 

Anyway I would love to know what solutions other groups have come up with :)

Just played my first game with some friends. I HIGHLY recommend making a ghosts-only channel where ghosts can brainstorm ahead of time; we were able to have a haunted hacienda in Santa Fe with 4 connected ghosts from the same family (one died in 1890 in the late Victorian era, the next in 1930s Great Depression, next ghost is 1970s, and the final ghost died last week, all direct descendants), coming to a bad end when they come into contact with cursed gold from the family mine. It was a lot of fun. And having the ghosts-only channel meant we could stockpile links to music, images, etc and confer with each other to keep track of rules and backstory.