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Hello, who is the artist for the cover art?

I am absolutely enthralled at the idea of combining Eldritch Horror with the 90's! And I absolutely love the idea of making the Hearth Heart a camp dog that is loyal even in the afterlife. Also, the Human Translator being interpreted as the Child being the only person who can talk to monsters makes so much sense for this setting. I wish your party all the best of luck in outrunning the Feds!

This is so exciting! I'm very much looking forward to hearing more about your world.

Hello, who is the artist for this game?

Hello, who is the artist for this game?

Some items I'm looking to workshop:

1. The Action Roll. This game is meant to be more forgiving than Blades, so characters will have at least one dice to roll, with extra dice if they have stats, moves or gear that helps them out. They're also not meant to be as specialist as characters in Blades, which is why I'm trying out 5 rows of stats, rather than 12 or 16.

2. The Weakness. I want to give the characters consequences tied to the Child. I don't know if the Weakness is a good balance of punishment or if all I need are Character Reactions.

3. The Trust Track. This is mean to demonstrate how well they're able to work with the Child. I want to see if the track is too long, too short, or if it works as a good representation of the relationship at all.

4. The Child's Emotions: do they help the GM portray the Child in a meaningful way? Do the provide appropriate obstacles and goals for the Player Characters?

5.  Child Stats. I'm hoping they provide a way to track the crew's "level" so to speak. I'm not sure if the fact that their "crew" playbook will work in the same way if it's taking the shape of a person.

Thank you very much!

Hello, is this game single-player or does it work for a group?

I have played this game multiple times with friends and every time it's been an absolute blast. The pdf is by far one of the best examples of good hyper-linking, it's fantastically acessible and worth every single cent. You've raised my standards of accessibility with this book.

Thank you very much!

Oh my gosh this looks so cool! Reminds me of Spirited Away, I love that.

Hello, who is the artist for this game?

Hello, who are the artists for this project?

Hello, who is the artist for your cover?

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Hello, on page 36 of the PDF, the descriptions of the locations such as the Gateway District, The Foundry, etc. are very dim and difficult to read against a black background. The following page has white text that is very easy to read, and describes the Redfields, Leaper's Point etc. Is this a deliberate stylistic choice, or an error?

Hello, I think you might have a spelling error in the title of your game page.

Hello, who is the artist for this game?

This is such a lovingly crafted game; beautifully laid out and intimate in just the way I'd want from a duet game.

This topic is for feedback about the game. Let me know about any questions, errors or other notes you have after reading or playing the game.

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What kinds of characters do you see yourself making in this game? What kind of characters have you  made? I'd love to hear about them1

I found out through LARP, funnily enough. And I got into LARP through cosplay!

Had a lot of fun playing this with friends! Easy to understand, easy to teach.

I just released my alpha playtest of Protect the Child, a Forged in the Dark ttrpg about monster babysitters! The game is about monsters taking care of a child on the run, and learning how to be parents while the kid grows in magical power. The page has links to the 1.0  playtest version of the rules, as well as some online character sheets. I'm looking forward to play-testing it this year, and refining a bunch of the mechanics!

You can check it out here!

Joke's on you, I never started with D&D. Skipped straight to step 7.

Hello, who is the artist for this game?

hello, who is the artist for this game?

thank you very much!

Hello, who is the artist for this game?

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Hello, who is the artist for this game?

Hello, who is the artist(s) for your game?

Hello, who is the artist for this game?

Love the different dice options

Finally got this to my table. We picked up the Promise play-kit and ran a game about a caravan seeking out a haven that would keep them safe from moths. The world the group created was very evocative, and everyone got a moment to shine. I am very much hoping to run this again!

Is this strictly a solo ttrpg?

I MC'd a short run of this game and it was PHENOMENAL. Would recommend to any group that really loves inter-party tension and raising stakes. The Pressure Mechanic really pushes you to throw it all on the line. At least one of my players said that this was the best game she's ever played. There was sacrifice, betrayal, love, and big damn heroics right near the end. Would play again!

thank you for the information!

Hello, just a question: who is the artist for the cover art?

I just finished!!!!!! So proud of myself for completing it within my own personal timeline.

I ran this adventure for a group over the summer and it was totally a hit. At some point during the game the inhabitants of the hotel stopped being able to recognize the number "4" and a portal in the kitchens manifested, connecting all three hotels. The players had a blast and I think we'd all continue from where we left off in a heartbeat.

I played this with my friends this week and it was so easy to understand and have fun! My players had a grand time coming up with antics to beclown their vampire. What is really funny is that I was much better at RPS than I expected to be, so the vampire was possibly one of the biggest challenges I've thrown at my friends to date.