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My first game and what I learn for it

A topic by Orick08 created Jan 03, 2021 Views: 109
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Hello everybody, my first game Ace Wars is now available for play at:

But maybe you're more interested in what I learn, and more important, what we can learn about my mistakes.

For start this was an easy project, just to prove myself that I can finish a project. One of the most difficult things was work at least one hour on my game, everyday.

It seems like something easy, but as time goes by, you lose more and more passion for the game you are making. So consistency is definitely something very important.

At the end I set a release date: January 2.

When the game was ready and I gave it to publish, I realized my second mistake.

And it was that, I wasn't part of the community.

I know that most developers, including myself, are introverts. And that's fine, but don't underestimate the importance of knowing how to sell. Not literally selling the game, but selling yourself, and getting people interested in your game and your projects.

In conclusion. Don't be lazy, post your experiences on forums, take good screenshots and create a few gifs to post on twitter.

You may think that it is not worth it, that only a small group of people will see or read it, but at least it is something, remember that even if you have only 20 visits, at least 20 is more than 0.

Thank you for read, and, AH! Don't forget to play my game and give me feedback <3

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