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Great asset but the download is not the same and have some missing tiles

The character's folder is empty

Just click where say "Download Now" and then "No thanks, just take me to the downloads"

Hello everybody, my first game Ace Wars is now available for play at:

But maybe you're more interested in what I learn, and more important, what we can learn about my mistakes.

For start this was an easy project, just to prove myself that I can finish a project. One of the most difficult things was work at least one hour on my game, everyday.

It seems like something easy, but as time goes by, you lose more and more passion for the game you are making. So consistency is definitely something very important.

At the end I set a release date: January 2.

When the game was ready and I gave it to publish, I realized my second mistake.

And it was that, I wasn't part of the community.

I know that most developers, including myself, are introverts. And that's fine, but don't underestimate the importance of knowing how to sell. Not literally selling the game, but selling yourself, and getting people interested in your game and your projects.

In conclusion. Don't be lazy, post your experiences on forums, take good screenshots and create a few gifs to post on twitter.

You may think that it is not worth it, that only a small group of people will see or read it, but at least it is something, remember that even if you have only 20 visits, at least 20 is more than 0.

Thank you for read, and, AH! Don't forget to play my game and give me feedback <3

Love your puzzles <3

Nice game, maybe some effects and particles to reinforce the feedback from removing the block.

By the way: some tips: when you put an HTML Unity game with the maxisize button, don't select the max button option in and of course, give enough space to the webGL unit, you lose the height by a few pixels.

Very clever puzzle I really like it <3

Really cool, when I see the video on youtube I said, whats the difficult in the screen gets smaller? Now I understand haha.

A game about dragos...

Haha I like the idea, but you can still working on it, maybe make the dragon smaller and keet the (clouds ?) spawner off camera.

Also you can add the shadow effect on the score build in unity for better results <3

Character jumps very slow, and a restart button could be great c:

I really like the idea, maybe for future changes you can change the coin sprite for something more in line with the game.

BTW: i see a bug, when I press space the HP, Attack or pause activate too.

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Por otro lado no se que paso pero pude invertir las hitbox xd:

Pasaria el screenshoot pero no deja el :c

Hope to see more of the game, at this point is a little confusing but I think you have a very solid start point.

PD: Nice move with the main screen image at the top I think it was the game and I click it several times

Wow nice grapichs and gameplay experiment, maybe with a better control on the rotation could be even more fun :D

I really like the concept, pretty fun <3

But can only survive for 21 sec.

I love it, very relaxing experience...

Until I reach the 3th level, that could only be created by an evil entity, I almost get it but on the last shoot I return to the start.

The graphics are very well worked but the audio needs to be remastered and normalized.

But aspect that needs more work is the design of the game, you only have 3 life and you cannot win more, when an extra ball falls you lose 1 life and that is more of a penalty than a bonus.

One of my favorite games of that game jam, wish you the best!

Good concept, I hope you continue with it, maybe with more objects this could be a great game.

Nice, it was fun, I hope you continue working on it after the game jam!

One of my favorite of this game jam!