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supporting PvP

A topic by tibbiusgames created Dec 28, 2020 Views: 232 Replies: 2
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One thing I like about Tunnel Goons - there's no explicit support for PvP, which kinda discourages those distasteful shenanigans.

Nonetheless, there's often that person who insists on being a jerk "in service of the story." To support them, I propose the following:

Each player rolls 2d6 + skill + items as usual.

Each player's character has a DS = 7 + skill + items.

Each player deducts from their character's Health the total by which their roll falls short of the opponent's DS and by which their opponent's roll exceeds their own DS.

Example: a Brute 2 with a Big Sword and Chainmail (DS 11) goes up against a Skulker 1 with Throwing Knives (DS 9). Each player rolls. The Brute gets a total of 10. The Skulker gets a total of 9. The Skulker loses 2 (from their own roll) +  1 (from the Brute's roll) = -3 Health total.

Sounds kind of complicated. If you're going PVP, why not simply require opposed rolls? It might take some adjudication, but still seems easier to resolve. E.g. if the Brute grabs the Skulker, the latter can no longer throw knives, and has to roll using their own Brute attribute, which is presumably inadequate. Got to be clever!

(Sorry to necro this thread, by the way, but it's not exactly noisy around here; hope that's all right.)


Yeah, opposed rolls are always a good way to go for PvP. My proposal essentially is that with extra mechanics, which is not optimal. I think overall you've got a better approach with the simpleness.