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Block of life - A simulation based on the life of small organisms

A topic by gagan created Jun 27, 2017 Views: 174 Replies: 2
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Downloadable game available

A game/ simulation where you play as god and inflict your will on to the creatures that live in the world.

The game is a very early prototype and quite buggy.

  • Each creature has its own behaviour set due to the physical shape and the land types the creature can climb.
  • The land form is procedurally generated.
  • The player can also terraform the planet, increasing water levels and therefore manipulating the terrain.
  • The creatures mate and produce offspring, acquiring characteristic from their parents .i.e block formation, colouration and terrain they can climb. 

If you could let know what you guys think that would be great and possible ideas I could develop into the game/simulation, thanks.


Looks pretty cool, I like the blocky art style