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“What is your keynote?”

 A young pianist dwelled over a past regret and ended up just leaving a practice and a scheduled recital all of a sudden. Without direction, she decided to take a train and just go somewhere where she met a peculiar guy. The guy offered to accompany her and she agreed for the heck of it. Nonetheless, the past continued to follow her like a persistent itch.


Ilya ( renamable) - A pessimistic girl who decided to leave in the middle of practice and a scheduled recital for the heck of it. She’s tired and a past regret just kept bugging her off.

Nigel  - a guy who approached Ilya at the train station and offered to accompany her. Easy to tease and drag around(Ilya likes to bully be kind to him). Yet it doesn’t seem like he’s all just butterflies and rainbows.


  • 5 endings (3 bad ends, 1 normal end, and 1 true end). Each end shows different epilogs that also supports a main character’s motives.
  • Pretty straightforward. Once you figured out the main character’s personality, just choose the matching possible choices.

Resources Used (most of the resources are under Creative Commons License and royalty free)

  • SFX:
  • BGMS: Kevin MacLeod, Jake Bowkett, myuu
  • Sprites: Elzee
  • BGS: Uncle Mugen, konett, kisa, leon, seichan,
  • Textbox/Namebox/In-Game Menu Box: ppppantsu