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I created a FREE online tool to create 2D assets and animations from 3D models!

A topic by rskedmi created 76 days ago Views: 165 Replies: 4
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Like the title says, I've been working on a free online tool that helps indie game developers and people who don't have a lot of art background to produce beautiful 2D animations and assets from 3D models. You can create pixelart, prerender 3D models to 2D textures, apply post processing effects (shaders) and a lot more.

Some of my inspiration came from a gamasutra post that Thomas Vasseur (of Motion Twin) wrote on how he created the art in Dead Cells using 3D models to create 2D art.

This is the link to the tool

I've spend a lot of nights after work to create this tool - Please let me know what you think!

I hope this tools helps you in your game development journey!


one major problem is that no one uses glTF 2.0 not even AAA studios, blender or autodesk. I try to look for software that have it but cant find any with google. The file was created in 2017, its way too new to be used anywhere and way too early to use it on unsupported OS like Unix.

Hi! I guess you're right. 

If I see demand to use this tool I'll add a way to load FBX files.

In the meantime you can use blender to convert FBX files to GLTF files

Hope this helps (:


Personally I find the tool very interesting and after testing it a bit with the example model the first think I'd love to be able to do is to make the tools font smaller. Toolbars take a lot of space in my opinion. 

And another thing I missed: being able to set camera position setting number values... or some presets on this. The thing is, I tried to replicate being able to create 2D sprites in the same style as in AoE, Cossacks, the first two Total Wars, classic Baldur's... etc (sprites from 3D models in isometric projection), but placing the camera by hand is hard. Or I've no idea how to achieve this.

Then, I tried to find about this gltf format, after 'firecat' complain, and I found this:

Hope this helps.

rskedmi, why don't you make a project page anyway? Leaving just a link in a forum post will make your application easily forgotten. Damn! If it weren't because of firecat post, I'd miss this. General Development board is my favorite but I only check it from time to time.

Best regards!

Thank you for the feedback!

I created a Project page:

Not sure if I did it quite right, but I guess it's better than nothing!

If I'll see that people are using the tool I'll continue the development and add the features you're missing!

Thanks again! (: