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improv metal compositions (01052016)

A topic by natasha dawn thomas created Dec 13, 2015 Views: 589 Replies: 4
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i figured i'd start things off with our new audio forum by posting some of the newer stuff i've been doing. i recently got my bass guitar fixed so i've been dusting it off and getting back into the groove of playing again. it's been a long time since i've had any extended time with a string instrument, so my playing isn't the cleanest right now.

this is an experimental metal solo improv composition that i played in order to test out recording equipment -- mostly for sound quality. the overall sound quality is pretty good, all things considered, so i'm pretty happy with the final result, even if my picking isn't the cleanest right now.

i'll probably be recording more improv sessions in the future, preferably at a time when my neighbors aren't trying to sleep!

if you like the song, you can download it for free through the soundcloud / bandcamp links. my bandcamp is where all of my music is if you're interested! i play a very experimental form of electronic metal that i recently dubbed "vapor metal." it's mostly for fans of black / death metal, drone / noise fans and people who are into really hardcore power electronics, but i do like to play around with sounds pretty often, including for an ambient pop project that i've started composing for again recently.

Noisy ambient music is cool! I don't listen to metal so I don't know if I really understand your music, but I definitely respect it.


more improv recordings: -- I -- II

the first one is about three or four different bass guitar riffs layered over each other, playing in front of some drums that my friend recorded. the second one is a 10-minute bass guitar duet, both guitars recorded by me. up next i'm working on composing some drums over II to see what kind of sound i can get out of it. i really want to play with the idea of doing death metal / black metal that's only comprised of bass.


another new one, i really like this one:

this one i experimented with two bass guitars and a drum machine. the bass was recorded yesterday; the drums were done today. it's pretty heavy and wildly jazz metal in parts. i'm enjoying where this one's going.


been jamming out a lot lately, here's a recorded session from yesterday night at a new venue i'm helping construct called the lunar heaven sanctuary.

this is an ambient jam, different from the last few things i've posted in here in that it's a lot more focused on noise and feeling rather than raw intensity. was a lot of fun, thinking about recording an album kind of like this.