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start locations and destinations!

A topic by will jobst created Dec 09, 2020 Views: 119 Replies: 4
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let me know the start locations and planned destinations! if you took some pitstops along the way, let me know! if you took screenshots, i wanna see them! 

last sunday we started in Omaha, Nebraska on the way to CARHENGE! we stopped at a weird gas station, a donut shop, and a rusted out weird car that was for sale. we didn't make it to carhenge, but next time

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Just purchased…I think I’m going to plan a bit of a marathon train ride with a few friends.

10 Hour Norwegian Train Ride

Or maybe a shorter trip…

4K St. Moritz Train Ride



I just had the thought that I’d love to play a game between islands! Depending on their size there could still be driving with aquatic scenes between. Doesn’t have to be tropical, a series of islands in the Great Lakes or off the Alaskan coast would be uniquely fun. Anyone have a recommendation for such places?


I’m tempted to revisit the old coach ride my family took from Mojacar to the Alhambra when we went on holiday in Spain about a dozen years ago as I remember some nice sights out that way.

Tonight, myself and a group of friends started our Amsterdam adventure by accidentally circling the airport to our favorite 8th-grade dance jams for like 20 minutes. After we got that over with, we took a tour of Amsterdam in which we got GLORIOUSLY lost, learned a ton about Der Oude Kerk, stumbled around the inside of the Rijksmuseum, even tiptoed through the Tulip Museum and the Red Light District! It was a complete and utter delight and we will be playing this game MANY more times. Thank you so much!