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Hell yes! I love Light and the Lumen system, I can't wait to check this out!

Good work, captured my feelings exactly. Thank you.

This was really good fun to run. Are there any plans for other scenarios? I'm also pondering using it to run some olf CoC scenarios, have you done this with Squamous?

I downloaded this game, printed it out, lovingly stuck a Blue C-Pet onto some card. I then forgot about it and ultimately lost it, so it's been the perfect representation of my relationship with virtual pets. Hopefully I'll find it and try not to neglect it in the future.

I’m not even done reading it but your sidebar about combat is amazing and something that I feel will stick with me in other games, too. I can’t wait to read more and jack into this cool world with some friends.

This was an amazing module to run. My group had a couple of really fun sessions, but all also wanted to have showers after their time clambering through filth, fighting the skin-rats, allying with an army of molluscs and dealing with the filthers.

I’m tempted to revisit the old coach ride my family took from Mojacar to the Alhambra when we went on holiday in Spain about a dozen years ago as I remember some nice sights out that way.

This is the only edition of GURPS that fucks.

I feel called out for not adhering to these mechanics enough. Good work on the game and you've got some lovely layout on it.