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RHG Timecard A business tool from Roadhammer Gaming

A topic by Roadhammer Gaming created Jun 23, 2017 Views: 90
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RHG Timecard
A business tool from Roadhammer Gaming page link:

Hi, If you're an entrepreneur like me you need a way to keep track of your business hours!

Rhg Timecard is an app for small business and work at home entrepreneurs that can keep track of up to 12 employees hours, breaks, overtime hours, holiday hours and weather or not they started work on time. You can also use it for recording travel time, fieldwork time, or tons of other things you need to keep a time record of. Rhg Timecard has a unique look and employee incentive with an 'active earth' icon in the center that moves every 1/2 hour, with the front side always representing where on the globe 12 o'clock noon is. The hidden incentive is when you open the app and the earth hasn't yet turned to your accustomed punch in time's position you are still early and will be inclined to punch in before it switches. Rhg Timecard also works in all timezones as it sets the correct time and 12 noon positioning of the Earth animation. You can log in, punch in, then shut down the app on your phone and even log out but when you start Rhg Timecard back up again and log in, everythings still as it was, if you were punched in you are still punched in, or if you were on break you will still be on break till you stop break or punch out.