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A fantasy console for making, playing and sharing cute 32k cartridges. · By lexaloffle

Steam release?

A topic by PotatoDevelop created Nov 24, 2020 Views: 1,000 Replies: 5
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Does anyone know if there are plans for a steam release?

I would totally love to see a Steam release of Pico-8, it would just make it easier to reach a broader audience imo, its probably not on Steam because it just doesn't convince the developer.  


Its better not on steam

why not

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exactly the steam release can be really usefull cuz you can find guides to make some things that you dont know in the game creator

There is a listing for a Steam project that will play Pico-8 carts, but wouldn't be an actual port of Pico-8. It's called PEMSA and its listed as free, scheduled to be released Q1 2021 ... so I guess we'll see. They didn't exactly get a warm welcome from the Steam crowd.