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oh Terry, you silly banana.

Saw this on Indie Retro News and threw my 2 bucks in the hat.  Absolutely awesome. Thanks for developing for the Commodore 64!!

Glad to see you are still making these!

None of the free alternatives get the development support that Pico-8 gets. When I first bought it I thought it was expensive, but that was a year and a half ago at least and I still use Pico-8 all the time.

Yeah I saw that. Subbed on YouTube as well. Quick question. Does this need to be played in order? Should I go grab the first game and start from there?


Just downloaded. I like the compass system for determining exits. It makes the game a little easier to map without being obtrusive. Looking forward to digging in! Thanks for making this!

Got Inform 7 fired up. Started drafting around. Jumping into this thing late so I have to get moving.

I am in as well! Love me some good old fashioned text adventures!

Cool prototype man! Any way I could talk you into sharing the source for this?

Spooky. For reals. Did enjoy.

Looks awesome. I enjoyed the original Showdown very much!

Cart removed from BBS?

Deeper community · Created a new topic Well done

Played it all the way through. Well done man.

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Happy to help. Where would the error.log file be located? I'm not seeing it in the game files?

EDIT: scratch that. Found it. Here are the contents:

2022-03-13 15:38:20.00

Version: 7.0.1


Message: can't read "ttk::theme::steamsky::I(checkbox-unchecked)": no such variable


raised TCL.ADA.TCL_ERROR_EXCEPTION : can't read "ttk::theme::steamsky::I(checkbox-unchecked)": no such variable


2022-03-14 06:25:14.00

Version: 7.0.1


Message: can't read "ttk::theme::steamsky::I(checkbox-unchecked)": no such variable


raised TCL.ADA.TCL_ERROR_EXCEPTION : can't read "ttk::theme::steamsky::I(checkbox-unchecked)": no such variable


Just a heads up, I'm running the stable build and the game crashes every time I try to enter the crafting menu.

Just tried this game for the first time and loved it. Excellent work!

Much respect delaying the PC release to protect the physical customers. Looking forward to playing!

Does this have any save functionality? 

Anyone down to have some play testing/development sessions? I have a little discord we could meet at if you want to kick around some ideas or get feedback live. -

Baller. Much success to you!

How is this coming along? Think we'll still get a 2021 release?

No worries. Thanks for getting back to me though!

There is a listing for a Steam project that will play Pico-8 carts, but wouldn't be an actual port of Pico-8. It's called PEMSA and its listed as free, scheduled to be released Q1 2021 ... so I guess we'll see. They didn't exactly get a warm welcome from the Steam crowd.

Dev still around? I think you made something really cool here. I have revisited this a few times over the last several days. Would love to develop on this platform. Any interest in maintaining this project again?

Any update on the music tracker?

I had some trouble getting into the tracker mode on the synthesizer. The documentation says to press tab to switch back and forth from tracking and wave pattern editing, but it turned out to be Shift+tab. Would love to see some example programs

Hey just wanted to throw some support your way. Read about your game being banned from the coverage and picked up a copy. I really enjoyed it! Best of luck and much success! 

Very charming game. Would have liked some sound effects, but I enjoyed it.

I really enjoyed it. Not too many honest to goodness pachinko games outside of Japanese famicom and gameboy games.

Bug Report: After I ejected my last ball, I got 40 balls in the mini game, but it registered it as a loss since I reached zero balls and got game over with 40 balls remaining. Just wanted to let you know.

Graphics Quality: It's Pachinko. - I had a good laugh at that. Well done.

I love it! Thanks for making this!

Thanks for making this!

Fun game. Died at the bee. Thanks for making it.

Any way to save an load beats?

Done and done. Looking forward to seeing what else you come up with!

Would want to add it to my library. Doesn't let me if its not PWYW

By the way, I returned here to drop a few bucks in the hat and add it to my library. Looks like I can only do that if its PWYW

Really enjoyed this one. Been playing it on my PowKiddy handheld quite a lot lately. Thanks for making it!