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yeah, i think youre right, the token limit just really bugs me at times, but i suppose thats part of the fun anyways. And about what you said at the end, i dont know if this is what you mean but you can load other cartridges from within the code

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the best strand type game since mario

PICO-8 community · Created a new topic Code limit options

I know the whole point of pico8 is the limitations, but i think it could be fun to have an option to change the token/code size limits

PICO-8 community · Created a new topic Steam release?

Does anyone know if there are plans for a steam release?

why do i have to download a html file, this makes no sense, if its an html it should be a browser game

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i think its more of a mix of 2d and 3d, the cars and other stuff are sprites facing the camera, some with multiple angles like the cars but the road is made of polygons like standard 3d

definetly one of the best pico 8 games out there, in par with celeste classic. Great job!

wow nice im also learning godot! Nice job on the game!

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oh wow thank you for playing the game, no idea how you found it lol. And yeah, this game was made for a jam and i unfortunatelly didnt have time add a way to delete ducks and i didnt work on the game anymore, so you cant really delete ducks or move them, but lets just go with the animal rights excuse xD. Anyways, glad you enjoyed the game!

Edit: nice music you made btw

Cool! What did you use to make it?

raylib is also good

if you prefer godot why use unity


This happened to me too

my game

heres my game

heres mine if someone has time

really cool machanic

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hello thx for feedback! Yeah i only realized know that the text is cut, it was supposed to say "hold middle mouse on the middle to go back in time",i will see if i can add that on the page. The games gameplay was mostly inspired on mobile games, so i might consider porting it to the play store

Edit: sorry about the inconviniences

Finally finished my game, heres the link if anyone wants to play it

did you make the art?? It looks sick!

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the robot is gonna drown in movies

oh ok sorry didnt see that, thx for pointing out

did you make the art? It looks really cool

the game is really cute and fun, but i have a few suggestions:

1- Its really hard to know when you get hit,so something like a screen shake or hit sound would be nice

2- The background feels kinda flat,so a paralax background would be nice i think

3- The shotgun could have recoil,that would be interesting for plataforming around

4-The water works weirdly

Well thats all but its just my opinion,but overall a really nice game :)

The game is pretty good,but the camera follow fells kinda weird