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[Art-Anime Style] Seeking CG Artist for SuNoFes VN

A topic by Tofu Sheets Visual created Jun 22, 2017 Views: 172
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I'm looking for an artist (anime-style) to complete one of my unfinished visual novels entitled "False Hope". It uses pre-made sprites, and will be fully voice acted (I already have everyone's voice work). The game is completely written at 10,000+ words. It's a Kinetic, but you can choose for the protagonist to be male or female (and from there, you have 2 voice selection choices). One reason I was never able to finish and release it is due to the fact I had my hands a bit full with another project, but most importantly, my original CG artist disappeared--so I feel SuNoFes is the perfect opportunity to finish it. 2 CGs with 3 variants each were completed, which I still intend to use--but I need just a few more (probably 4, no more than 6) and a menu art. I'm willing to accept more than one artist to lighten the load.

Here is the game's synopsis;

"You (Andrew or Andrea) are having inconsistent memories. You seem to have forgotten things you should know, or remember things that haven't happened yet. But perhaps it's due to that computer that is holding you hostage for some kind of memory procedure."

The genre is post-apocalyptic and sci-fi, with light GxB or BxG romance (depending on which protagonist version you choose).  The synopsis is purposely vague, as any more explanation will give it away--if you'd like more details, we can discuss over private messages.

Anyway, if you are interested, please reply with samples of what your art looks like and how many CGs you're willing to do, and I'll see if I feel the style works (I'm not too strict, so long as it isn't too stylistic as the CGs I received were very beautifully coloured compared to the sprites that are more cell shaded). Since it is for SuNoFes, you can begin immediately if you want to. Thank you in advanced for reading!