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The Japan Collection: Dark Tokyo

505 static tiles (32x32 in size) + 5 animations for use in your project! · By GuttyKreum

Do these work in MZ?

A topic by Mint69420 created Nov 05, 2020 Views: 386 Replies: 5
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I'm very much interested in your tileset and they look amazing for my project. I'm new to RPG MZ and I wasn't sure how on earth to add these so I took a chance in purchasing one. I'm still lost whether these work or not as I notice you included an older version of RPGM so I'm bit confused.


Heya Mint69420!

Unfortunately any of my tilesets listed at 32x32 in size will not work with MZ/MV without the help of 3rd party plugins. In regard to RPG Maker, they will only work correctly with VXAce or any other that deals with 32x32 sized tiles. MZ/MV take 48x48 base sized tiles so the only sets of mine that work with them are in my Gutty Fantasy series at the moment.

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Hey GuttyKreum,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

That's very unfortunate but I'm willing to use 3rd party plugin seeing as I bought the pack. Can you recommend me one best suited for converting? If it works out then I can carry on to purchase more of your Japan bundle. The world I'm creating is based in Japan, so it'd make sense to use these.


No worries.

I have not personally tested any but this one seems to be up to date and is getting a good reception. I'm also asking around to see if there are any recommendations from heavy RPG Maker MV/MZ users. I'll let you know if I find any others.

Hi GuttyKreum,

Do you have any plans to convert these 32x32 to 48x48, or do you do requests?



These can't be converted perfectly to 48x48 from 32x32 without being redrawn unfortunately. MV/MZ takes base size 48x48 tiles and 48/32 = 1.5. You end up with a lot of distorted pixels if you try to scale the tiles up from 32x32 to 48x48. On my Patreon, the $5 tier is able to make a tile request for upcoming sets. All tiers are able to vote on set themes.