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Thank you

Where do you get your textures from? Great stuff!

Is it possible to purchase this without the background? I'd like to keep everything except the background.

Anyone know how long it usual takes for a response? I raised a ticket I think 3 days ago and still no update.

Beautiful pack. Very cozy vibe to it.

Nice looking pack but I dislike how this pack and another similar train pack don't include train station when KR Transportation Station does. Hopefully both get a train station then worth buying.

Thanks! Hope to see them ^_^

GuttyKreum made quite a few Japan theme tileset packs, but sadly they're 32x32 and pixel style which I like but with the style you have, it wouldn't work imo. I recently saw a Youtuber who created a 1980s studio theme. He has a good example of that old, retro, and nostalgic feel to it all while including modern assets from Japan today's time. Kabukicho is a good example of the nightlife and how the amazing colours project off the neon signs. Hard to say tbh.

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Do you have plans to do a Japanese theme tileset? Day and night included? 80s/90s be amazing. I'd certainly purchase that. Ty and amazing work!

I don't suppose you'd be able to do a CyberPunk alternative version to this? I plan to get this one but would very much look forward to one that is urban/modern and isn't so neon vibe to it.

Great work as always!

No worries. Can I ask where you find that concrete edge in the same image? It's a lip that sits on the edge of the grass. I can't find it in the tileset.

Hi Kokoro,

Would it be possible for me to have the tileset from the 6th preview image only? All I'm interested in is the glass building and that really nice revolving glass door.

No worries if not, and thank you!

Oh, I see now. I wouldn't have thought it'd have it but it does.

I was thinking something along the lines of a style from 1987 whilst some modern touches to it. The reference I'm thinking of is RoboCop police station for that old feel. 

Hey Kokoro!

Amazing work as always. You're the first place I come to in search for Tilesets.

Can I ask if you have plans to create a Police department tileset?

Are there any plans for these icons to be 48x48? I use RPG Maker MZ and I'd like to purchase these and have them as a pickup item ingame. I tried the demo image below but they're a tad small. I assume they were 32x32 thus why the laptop lid was cut off when I tested it.

Brilliant! I'm happy with the results now. Big thanks for helping me out so quickly and providing these amazing tilesets.

I downloaded both versions just so I got them. Just for good measure, I deleted the ones from the game tileset folder and copied them over. It's still the same. Also, I notice the top left tree has a transparent tile:

The trees in the screenshots look enlarge but when I use them in MZ they're a tad small. Is it me, or are is the screenshot zoomed in?

I'll grab these too :) Beautiful looking tileset!

Thanks for the quick response! I'll grab these straight away then :)

Is this pack for which RPG Maker game?

Hi GuttyKreum,

Do you have any plans to convert these 32x32 to 48x48, or do you do requests?


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Hey GuttyKreum,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

That's very unfortunate but I'm willing to use 3rd party plugin seeing as I bought the pack. Can you recommend me one best suited for converting? If it works out then I can carry on to purchase more of your Japan bundle. The world I'm creating is based in Japan, so it'd make sense to use these.


I'm very much interested in your tileset and they look amazing for my project. I'm new to RPG MZ and I wasn't sure how on earth to add these so I took a chance in purchasing one. I'm still lost whether these work or not as I notice you included an older version of RPGM so I'm bit confused.