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Tutorial unpassable with gamepad

A topic by 馃尰Helianthus Games馃尰 created Nov 04, 2020 Views: 288 Replies: 3
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Just a heads up to devs or anyone trying to play with an gamepad - I couldn't pass the tutorial by pressing the gas button on my Xbox controller, it would only accept Z on the keyboard.

A few things:

1) Which XBox controller are you talking about? 360 Wired, 360 Wireless, One, One Elite, etc. I can only speak for the XBox 360 Wireless controller config.
2) For the default config for the XBox 360 controller, Start, LT (Brake), RT (Gas), A (OK), B (Cancel), and Y (Rear View) buttons should be able to do something.
3) The tutorial before every game is more of a demo video, and less of an active tutorial. You hit the Gas button/trigger to advance through the screens, and you hold Start to skip.

I know it's a really late reply, but I hope this helps.


I am using the 360 Wired one. I know it is more of a instructional video, it would not accept the button needed to continue (Gas\RT). I was able to pass by using the keyboard. After that playing the laps was fine.

The Tutorial doesn鈥檛 detect the input from the PS4 controller either. (I remapped acceleration to R2.)