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I am using the 360 Wired one. I know it is more of a instructional video, it would not accept the button needed to continue (Gas\RT). I was able to pass by using the keyboard. After that playing the laps was fine.

0.9% of viewers paid for my top performing asset.

Yeah you should wait for a few thousand impressions at least before jumping to conclusions. If you aren't getting the impressions then you have other issues.

My top performing art asset here  gets about 1.5% so I'd say 2% seems insanely good. I'd say anything above 0.5% is doing reasonable.

Thanks! You can contact me at regarding commissions.

I did it through the browser and was under the impression it was handled correctly as the stats for the file were kept. I just uploaded a file with the exact same name. 

I have a graphical asset which I expanded. The asset is free, offering a few sample file and the full. pack is offered if you pay above X amount. When expanding the asset I updated the file and raised the price, thinking whoever unlocked access to it will still have it. But someone complained that they had paid for the previous file and now only have. access to the free files. 

Is there somewhere where I can read up in detail how updating the files. works in relation to changing the price? Also what to do to get. the behaviour I expected? 

Enjoy! Do share if you make something cool with it :)

Thank you for your kind words :)

Thank you, I put a lot of effort into it to make it as good as I can :)

Thank you for your kind words :)

Just a heads up to devs or anyone trying to play with an gamepad - I couldn't pass the tutorial by pressing the gas button on my Xbox controller, it would only accept Z on the keyboard.

Great, good luck with your game!

Excellent theme!

Fun and polished!

The art looks phenomenal, keep it up! Waiting for the demo!

Thank you for sharing :)

Thanks! Please do share if you have a project that is using it :)

Yes go ahead. Credits are not required but I would love it if you show me where you used them :)

Is there an anvil in there somewhere?

62656915 is even more pathetic :D