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I am glad you like them!

I am glad you like it. You can reach me on Twitter @HelianthusGames or Discord: Helianthus Games#9790.

I am glad you are enjoying them, do share when you make something with them!

Hey, just wanted to let you know this sounds amazing, just what I am looking for!

Heh, spotted my planet assets in here ;)

Lookout for when they are on sale :)

There are free versions.

Looking really cool! Is there anything additional that you wish was in the pack?

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1000 hours.

Hello, they do a full revolution! You can download the sample planet to see for yourself and also check them out in the video. The complete animations are not in the gif so people do not rip it easily.

Practise ;)

I am very glad :)

Cool,  nice to see it in use!

License is now included

Some quasars/pulsars and space stations have been added!

Good ideas, I will see what I can do!

I am open for suggestions, what are you looking for!

Thanks, this means a lot! Have fun with it!

Thanks, your comment means a lot!


Hello, these were made with Aseprite.

Hello, GIFs usually have less quality than the original images and most game engines can make animations from the images. Also GIFs can be made from the images in image editing software. Still, drop me another comment if you need me to make the GIFs for you.

Hello, unfortunately itch is to blame. I do handle every such case and there are no intended price increases in the foreseeable future.

Some of them are close, but they were not made to replicate our solar system exactly.

You can modify and use the assets in commercial works, you cannot redistribute them

Not at the moment as interest in this asset is low I'm afraid :(

You can put 2 or 3 copies next to each other on moving planes. When one plane moves outside the view teleport it at the other end after the rest of the planes. For layers just use more sets of planes at different depths.

What is the size of the skeleton?

Thank you!

Glad you liked it!

Asteroid community ┬Ě Created a new topic Just wanted to say

Nice use of my planets asset pack! Let me know if you would like to see anything added to it!

Absolutely amazing, well polished game, deserves more recognition!

The background on this page is killing my eyes :D

Great game, though sometimes left and right click did not do what I expected them to do for example with miners. Also I think selecting a single unit by clicking it rather than dragging a selection box did not function well?

please write to me at

Cool use of my space assets!

You still get 4 planets for free. They are meant to be used in games so go ahead!

Sorry, no.

All is good, turns out the error is quite small, probably something in GMS.

Hello, these are great! However I am having issues with all of these in Game Maker - it measures their width incorrectly :( Any idea if there might be something incorrect with the files - I am using the ttfs?