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Cool idea, this would be crazy in 3D :)

Ah yes that is an older project, working on something newer with those assets now.

Thanks! I am working on something, you can check out a screenshot and short description on my profile page and some sneak peeks on my Twitter @HelianthusGames :)

Very cool idea for a pack!

Hello, I am wondering when new packs and updates are coming :)

Perfect slav vibes!

Thanks KeVHUN, I think I have done all the reasonable color combinations for the planets and celestial object I could think of and I don't have a good idea for planet X, why not use the Death star looking one for that :)

I would like to gauge the interest in a pack that specifically recreates our solar system. Please upvote if you are interested and reply with anything specific you would like to see in such a pack.

Hello, this is the font:

You're very welcome! Do tell me if there is anything extra you think the pack needs!

Maybe speed controls and a way to influence the sim - click on a cookie to make it faster or change its type so it can feel like a game.

Fun simulation! I like the graphics.

Hello, if anyone can download the assests freely, that is not OK, I am sorry.

I had a few minutes of fun with it, thank you for sharing!

Glad you like them, feel free to share what you did with them if you like!

Hey, any idea when the bonus 20 might be coming? I am also in need of an hourglass icon :)

Hello, would it be possible for you to add a cogwheel/grinding gear icon?

Brilliant, a lot of people on itch might recognize themselves in the robbed one.

Couldn't get a single word after several tries :/

Hello and thank you for the purchase! Yes, the difference between those is just in the colors.

Looks absolutely sick, you should make this a series!

Juice56 with some additions.

Loving your style! Would love to see some sci-fi oriented packs in your style!

Hello, currently there is no Sun. There is a gas giant but without rings. I will try to add them when I get some time but it mihght not be very soon as they are quite time consuming to make.

No, for spinning planets please check out :)

Thank you :)

I have added Supernovas and a Dyson sphere to the pack and you are mentioned in the latest devlog :)

Some supernova would be great I agree, I cannot promise about the rest, but you have some very interesting ideas! Good luck with your game!

I played it, creative use of the planet sprites in a non-space game!

Hello, good ideas, but they are quite niche I think. I will consider adding a Dyson sphere though!

Also thank you for your continued interest in the pack, would love to see what you have made with it!

Excellent work! I would love to see a theme inspired by the architecture of the Romans, I think that would be unique on itch!

Amazing job! I'd like to suggest effects with an appearing check-mark and a cancel sign, I am in need of those.

Would love to see this on the Switch :)

Good to see my planets getting used :)

I am glad you like them!

I am glad you like it. You can reach me on Twitter @HelianthusGames or Discord: Helianthus Games#9790.

I am glad you are enjoying them, do share when you make something with them!

Hey, just wanted to let you know this sounds amazing, just what I am looking for!