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The Marcness

A member registered Aug 31, 2018

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I'm pretty sure that's the current sprite (as of v1.1.1). Personally, I don't see what needs changing, as it's good as it is already, but I look forward to what lies ahead!

A few things:

1) Which XBox controller are you talking about? 360 Wired, 360 Wireless, One, One Elite, etc. I can only speak for the XBox 360 Wireless controller config.
2) For the default config for the XBox 360 controller, Start, LT (Brake), RT (Gas), A (OK), B (Cancel), and Y (Rear View) buttons should be able to do something.
3) The tutorial before every game is more of a demo video, and less of an active tutorial. You hit the Gas button/trigger to advance through the screens, and you hold Start to skip.

I know it's a really late reply, but I hope this helps.