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RE: Updates Sticky

A topic by Badru created Nov 03, 2020 Views: 877 Replies: 3
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Developer(+1) purchases will include a Steam key. Because the vast majority of our players are on Steam (unless you all buy a bunch of copies idk prove me wrong) and because we run a beta branch on Steam, updates to the build are likely to be less frequent, major updates. This might be good! They'll likely be more stable, for one thing. But I thought it'd be worth the warning: If you want to have the latest, cutting edge build, the best way to do that is via Steam. (Instructions on beta access available via the Discord, which is linked in another sticky on this forum).

Are bundle purchases eligible for Steam keys as well?


Sorry, no!

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Any chance for the OST to be released here? Or for the game to be released on GOG? :D

Also, is " Version 4" the same version as Steam's?