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I hope I don't regret this, we can't be giving keys to the 430k people who bought the bundle, but if you email me at I can get you a key. I'll come back and delete this comment if I get too many emails. 

Sorry, no!

n2m whats up with u king gamer 1 purchases will include a Steam key. Because the vast majority of our players are on Steam (unless you all buy a bunch of copies idk prove me wrong) and because we run a beta branch on Steam, updates to the build are likely to be less frequent, major updates. This might be good! They'll likely be more stable, for one thing. But I thought it'd be worth the warning: If you want to have the latest, cutting edge build, the best way to do that is via Steam. (Instructions on beta access available via the Discord, which is linked in another sticky on this forum).

If you get a crash and don't mind putting in the legwork to report it, here's what to do (before relaunching the game!):

1 - Go find this folder where your data is stored:

Windows: AppData\LocalLow\Ice Water Games\Tenderfoot Tactics
(Note: You can navigate to AppData or a subdirectory by typing %APPDATA% into your file explorer nav bar)

macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/unity.Ice Water Games.Tenderfoot Tactics

Linux: /home/steam/.config/unity3d/Ice Water Games/Tenderfoot Tactics

2 - Send me these files!
- all PlayerData___.bytes files (e.g. PlayerData000.bytes)
- output_log.txt

My email is

I can't guarantee I'll be able to fix the bug. It's always possible it's middleware or the engine crashing. But those files are the easiest and best way for me to hunt down whatever might have gone wrong.

(There's also a bug reporting channel on the Discord - check the other pinned threads in this forum for the link!)

If you have feedback or bugs or just want to hang out with other ppl and talk about Tenderfoot Tactics, please join Ice Water Games' Discord:
Be sure to give yourself the ⚔ 'tenderfoot' role in the #roles channel to reveal the hidden Tenderfoot Tactics category on there.

Thanks for playing!!

Hope it's alright for me to submit this to the jam! This is a prologue / demo build of a larger project I'm working on. The maps (other than 4 designed fights) are all procedural, as are the distribution of enemies and the composition of enemy teams. 

This game blew my mind! I had no idea what to expect and was ready for like a 20 minute session on a Sunday morning and it ate the majority of my day. Really loved the writing, the character design, the whole concept, and stellar execution. 


Just wanted to drop a note that this matches my experience and that of everyone I know almost exactly (except that we didn't resubmit or withdraw, although tbh I'm still considering it). It was very stressful and I found it comforting to know others felt the same way I did, so I wanted to let you know that you're far from alone. The game is sweet and I appreciate it, too! Here's to a great 2019, and to saying goodbye forever to that very stressful period around the meditations launch.