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Thank You! I'll be looking forward to that. :D

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No release? Would have loved to support you here. =/

Oh, man. I'm sorry to hear that. Is there any space where I can purchase your game aside from Steam? Maybe from you directly?

I have some issues with Steam, but I'd love to try out your game and support you by that.

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No version? =/

Any chances for an release? I don't use Steam. ._.


And it's okay; I don't use Steam. xD

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Tragic. I was about to support this game here too. =/

Is Kojimachi here on up-to-date as the Steam version? What does "Version 1" refer to?


Can't wait for the full game to be released here! :D

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Any chance for the OST to be released here? Or for the game to be released on GOG? :D

Also, is " Version 4" the same version as Steam's?

I see. Only Steam? How about GOG?

Will the full game be released here?

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Suzerain Free Edition crashes at Character Creation when I create a character as an Enchanter and then choose Persuade as a spell to learn. This happens on both the Windows version and the Java version. Does this happen on the Complete Edition, especially the Android version of the Complete Edition?

Secondly, are you still updating this game? For what I was able to play in the Free Edition, it's great enough for me to want to buy it for Android play!

Thirdly, does the Android version support gamepad controls? My phone's touchscreen is kind of problematic, so I attach my phone to a gamepad to play Android games.

Lastly, do you have a discord for this game, or an e-mail to contact you if I run into any bugs and crashes? Or do I just report here? I ran into a few other bugs that I'm trying to replicate right now while playing the Free Edition, so I was wondering where to report them if I'm successful.

Edit: One more thing! Is it alright that I make YouTube videos for this game?