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Action-packed cube-collecting excitement! · By boghog

Before the Blow

A topic by oorr23 created Nov 02, 2020 Views: 63 Replies: 1
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Beautiful-looking game; I went to check it out on Youtube, and was shocked all the vids had only like <80 views.

Turns out the game was released today! So congrats dude, and I'm glad I found it!

Though real quick: I found this game under "Top free Games with local multiplayer," and no videos I found had multiplayer footage.


Thank you! Yeah my bad about that, I kinda had to throw together the promo vids last minute so I didn't have time to rope anyone into some multiplayer games. Also if you've played co-op I'd love to hear what you think of it, I tried some wacky stuff with it and I'm curious how well that works in practice (if it makes you and your friend yell at each other that's a success in my book)