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Looks dope; map editor? 

Hey, I found your game just browsing.

If you choose to keep working on this, I'd start by either:
a) slowing the players walking speed down
b) changing the controls to keyboard/mouse
It's kinda hard to interact with the ball in general. Maybe it should be bigger?

Kinda reminds me of Windjammers.

Beautiful-looking game; I went to check it out on Youtube, and was shocked all the vids had only like <80 views.

Turns out the game was released today! So congrats dude, and I'm glad I found it!

Though real quick: I found this game under "Top free Games with local multiplayer," and no videos I found had multiplayer footage.

I would love to add shit to this game.
Level editor & mod support would be GREAT.

Only thing I'd add is the ability to move the towers after being built. He's an engineer :D