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Action-packed cube-collecting excitement! · By boghog

"Public Demo A" is now live! Sticky

A topic by lyn-marie charlene excelsia created Oct 31, 2020 Views: 116
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hello there, Astra watchers!  we're very excited to announce the release of our first public demo for Mechanical Star Astra! i'm charlene, the lead artist, animator, and art director of the game. it's been a lot of fun making this project over the course of the last few months and watching it all come together. you've all had wonderful things to say so far, and we really appreciate the comments and hype!

as this release is our first public release, bugs and performance issues are likely to be something you encounter -- if you find yourself experiencing one of these issues, please don't be afraid to report it to us via the Bugs & Technical Issuesthread. you can also offer suggestions to us on how we could improve the game or make it more accessible via our feedback thread!

finally, we just wanted to say that you're all 100% encouraged to stream gameplay of the game via your streaming website of choice! please feel free to dig in and have yourself a good time! we will likely be making another announcement on our respective Twitter accounts and this community board when our next demo update will be. for the time being, we are planning our full game launch for sometime in 2021 -- keep your eyes peeled!

that's all i have to say for now -- fight on, comrades! bring down the machina hordes and help save New Humanity from complete eradication from the star of Astra!