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Shoreless Skies Publishing

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I've added 25 community copies of the game! I think I did it correctly but let me know if there are any issues.

Hello! This is a great idea. I'll look into setting it up.

Yes! I think the Warcry/Underworlds models are a great fit for your setting. Gonna try it out soon.

I'm always here ferda boyz, so the Order of the Stars made me think of a weird'n

I love this so stinkin’ much. I’d love some new ones, even if they’re just “reskins”

Awesome doujin. It's fast, crazy, bullet hell action without being too overwhelming.

Played it for all of 10 seconds then came back to make the donation. Even in this early state is feels excellent.

Stop working on Gunvein and get this thing done ;)

For a three day jam game, it's very good! Bullet patterns are all dead on; pacing is good; and I like the design of the diag shot.

Neato! I play a lot of shmups and I don't think I've seen a recharge mechanic like this.

love this game

What a great start! I love tavern games and I can't wait to see how this one develops. I'll be sure to write it up on my site at some point.


what’s the difference between “start” and “arcade”?