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Game Jam Improvement.

A topic by Jupiter_Hadley created Dec 06, 2015 Views: 464 Replies: 4
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Game Jams could be improved on

Personally, I think that game jam hosts should moderate their game jams better and make sure that the games follow their personal rules, but Eric Neuhaus had the idea that game jam hosts could tick a check box to allow/disable paid games from being entered into their jam. I have played a few game jams on here that said "No paid games" yet were full of quite a few paid to play only games. There are probably other ways to improve game jams here on, so I'd like to hear if anyone else has any :)

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Hey, thanks for taking a minute to post here! Sorry for the confusing barrage of tweets. :P

I think (with my limited understanding of how works under the hood) that it would be fairly easy to add more options to game jam creation that would use already existing and validated information from game submissions. For example, game submissions already allow the user a choice to make their game paid or not, so itch already has that information in their database and could (easily?) tap into that to verify if a game fits that particular parameter in a jam (the jam creator would simply have to check a box that says "Allow paid submissions?" to enable this feature).

Regarding Jupiter's original issue (someone submitting the same game to dozens of jams), maybe this could also be something that is moderated? Perhaps, by default, jams would only allow a submission to be attached to one jam at a time (so once they submit to their first, they're no longer eligible to be submitted to any future jams). I feel like this is reasonable 99% of the time, as jams by nature are typically hosted over a limited time period (and participants are expected to create something original in that time). Even if a future jam allows preexisting assets/code to be used in their parameters, it's likely that they would ALSO expect the creator to do some extra work to the submission (not just submit the exact same build again), in which case they could just create a new game submission entirely.

As I mentioned, I think this solution is reasonable for the vast majority of cases, but if it's an issue for folks, the one jam per game ratio could be disabled on a per jam basis with an additional checkbox.

Eric Neuhaus (@donkeyspaceman)


Don't be sorry! Although, I am not sure why I was tagged in it in the first place :P

As much as I want to agree with the one game per jam (because personally I like it better) I know that quite a few developers make games with 2 or more jams in mind, if they are going on at the same time. So it might not work there.


Looks like you might have been tagged because of your comment in that screenshot, haha. I'm happy that you were, though, because this discussion might not be happening without you.

This might be a bit more complicated implementation-wise (or maybe a flawed idea in general), but what if you could only submit games to jams if they were originally submitted to itch during the jam window? This would allow a single entry to be submitted to multiple jams (assuming all of those jams are open at the same time).

I think this issue is a tougher one to resolve than the free/paid issue, but I'm sure there's a solution that would at least be able to eliminate the really extreme cases.

Eric Neuhaus (@donkeyspaceman)

Ah I see!

That could work, actully.