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Double Death -Moddable, Arcade-style Shoot'em Up

A topic by Top Hat Studios, Inc. created Dec 05, 2015 Views: 502 Replies: 2
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Because Single is Too Little!


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What is Double Death?

Double Death is an old school, fast paced, Arcade shoot'em up. Play with your friends or alone as you take on Classic Survival, Endless Survival, or PVP infection mode. There's also an "Arcade" Story mode, which is an objective based exploration mode across multiple levels based on the game's survival maps. Double Death features 9 different weapons, both Melee and Ranged, and over 2300 different weapon modification combinations. You can test out your weapons of mass destruction across a variety of levels and landscapes, including the City, the Jungles, a Ship, and more! Double Death also features a modding system which enables users to add custom maps, gamemodes, weapons, enemies, and more!

Double Death is a project I've been working on in the background for roughly four years now. It's been heavily inspired by multiplayer shooters like Killing Floor, "funfests" like TF2, and old school games like Streets of Rage. It's been my first major projects, and I've admittedly made a lot of mistakes, but I keep pushing through, because everyone makes mistakes their first time around.

Music/SFX have been provided by musician Xenogen, art is by JamoGames, the creator of Inner City Kids, and the game also features the voice of youtuber Crit1kal as the announcer. Release is slated for 2016!

I plan on updating this Devlog in accordance with the TigS one, which is generally once a week or so.

Screenshots & Media


Weekly Wrap-Up : December 6, 2015

Hey everyone! So today I thought I would start something a bit new. At the end of every week I'd like to write a short wrap up of what's being worked on and what needs to be done. I was going to put this into video form, but unfortunately I kinda ran out of time, so the video devlogs will start next Sunday hopefully!

What Was Finished This Week?

  • AI is a lot more functional now, finally finished rebuilding it from the ground up. Same concept for AI as before but much better execution. New fixes applied to all mobs.
  • LOTS of Bugfixes: There was a significant amount of small bugs fixed. Nothing too interesting.
  • Rebalancing: A large part of this week was spent rebalancing. I noticed some problems with difficulty when playing a quick round, this has been resolved now.
  • New AntiCamping Mechanics: New mechanics have been added to combat enemy spawn camping. Spawns will detect camping up to a certain distance and stop spawning; in turn other spawns will then spawn enemies more frequently until the camping stops. If all spawns are camped then the effect is mostly negated.
  • Modding Work: Some work was done on modding. This included cleaning up the filesystem and working on the in-game interface modding interfaces.

So, What Needs to Be Done?
Before the game's finished, this is what remains:
  • Modding: About 60% done.
  • Multiplayer: Needs to be revamped, priority after modding system for implementation of multiplayer mods easier. Maybe about 30% done?
  • Cosmetics/Inventory: Basically finished, just needs actual implementation. 80% done.
  • Steam Implementation: Implement stuff like Steam Workshop. Not Started.
  • Arcade Mode: Basis is done as far as mechanics go, just need to finish the maps & such. 25% done?
  • Mapping (implement actual maps): About 50% done, give or take.
  • Miscellaneous: Achievements, Bugfixes + Polish, Etc. Hasn't been a priority yet, will start after above features.

What's Planned/Coming UpI've had a large focus on the Greenlight campaign lately, which unfortunately seems to have fallen in the Greenlight limbo. I kinda guessed this would happen, but nonetheless it's still a bit discouraging. I plan to keep developing the above features for now. It's a possibility that I might attempt a Kickstarter soon, if for anything else at least to spread the game around a bit in a notable way.

If you haven't voted yet please do!



Here are the controls (rebindable in the options menu, a controller works too):

Move - Arrow Keys

Roll (Left/Right) - A and D

Shoot/Melee - Z and X

Jump - Space

Backpack - Tab

Menu - Escape

Remember to vote for us on Steam if you haven't already, thanks! I know it's a bit buggy, please leave any necessary feedback below. Thanks so much for following.