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A topic by irt created Dec 05, 2015 Views: 421 Replies: 2
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Hey everybody, I just released my first game on for free, it's called Mechanism. It's been in progress for a long time on and off but it's a very short game centred around one mechanic. This has been the game I've focused on whenever I didn't feel much like programming and wanted to level design. Unfortunately it requires a controller to play so I hope lots of people have controllers handy. It's a little rough around the edges as a hobby project (no menu transitions, no level progress saves) but it works.

This game has been really fun to make and I think to play so I hope people enjoy it. Each level has a sort of boss battle at the end with a custom coded challenge you'll have to figure out how to beat. There are checkpoints often because I don't think you should be punished too hard for dying in a game like this. The controls are basic but responsive, once you get the hang of it it feels pretty second nature.

Any feed back would be appreciated, especially about the page since I haven't done that before.

I definitely like the idea, but I can't seem to play this for the life of me. I gave up on the second obstacle. How do you get enough speed to do anything in this game?

I can be a bit difficult to build up speed at first. Unlike most platformers the player moves directly in the direction you hold the left stick (or in the direction of the combination of arrow keys you hold down) so if you're on a flat surface you have to hold the stick at 90 degrees to get maximum acceleration, on a steep incline you need to hold the stick to match the steepness of the incline or else you will either move away from the surface or waste some of your force pushing yourself against the surface. So on that second obstacle for example you need to start out going left, change to an upwards direction about halfway through and then go a little to the right at the top.

It's a bit unintuitive but I'm not sure how to show it better.