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​Mac OSX Catalina: Extra Installation Instructions Sticky

A topic by adamgryu created Oct 25, 2020 Views: 1,926 Replies: 13
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For this to run, you'll need to do one of the actions below:

  • Use the Unarchiver app to unzip the ZIP file.
  • OR download the game from within the app.
  • OR execute the following on the command line:

cd [to the directory where is located]
chmod +x Pumpkins

After this, you need to hold control + right-click on the application, and select Open.

Neither of these steps is currently working for me (Running Catalina, 10.15.5)

You also have to hold down control when you right click.

I still get a pop up window that it can't be opened. :/ And when trying to use the command line it just says no such directory exists. I'll just wait and hope when it's out of Beta it works better for me. :)

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you have to tell terminal the full path. Adam only gave part of a path inside the game file, like cd /Users/%your_username%/Downloads/

Additionally, even after those steps, the next time I right click and 'opened' it only presented me with "move to trash" or "cancel". But the _next_ time I tried it, I could also select "open". Now I"m in.

Any ETA for a permanent fix? The workaround works for me, but I don't want to recommend the game to coworkers if they all have to fire up the Terminal to make it work.


I'll try and get a fix for this soon. I need access to an actual Mac to fix it, which I don't have. Sadly Apple has made it difficult to release games outside of their ecosystem.

MacOS Catalina 10.15.7 here and game is working fine.
Used the app to install and launch.

I was able to make it work, but the command that worked for me was "cd" (not "cd").

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I tried doing it through the Itch app, but got this error

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One thing you can do is, if you know someone who does have a Mac, have them do the chmod +x to the binary, zip it back up (right click > Compress will work) and send it back to you to upload to The zip file created this way will preserve the executable permission. Users will still need to right click > Open the app to get past the "we can't check it for viruses" thing, but they at least won't need to use the Terminal on it themselves.

Edit: Not sure if this is expected, but also has no icon. Not an issue for running the app or anything, just wanted to point it out in case it should have one.


Is there no macOS version this year? :(


It looks like there is no new macOS client after the last update, do you plan to have a new one soon (hoping the 'Linux and Windows' is temporary 🤞)?