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Yep that’s us! We hope it brought you some joy :)

Additionally, even after those steps, the next time I right click and 'opened' it only presented me with "move to trash" or "cancel". But the _next_ time I tried it, I could also select "open". Now I"m in.

Thanks! It looks like you can export the entire thing as a spritesheet too using slices.

@egordorichev, Hey thanks! Great tile set. I'm kind of an aseprite noob, what do the blue outlines in the .ase file mean?

Thanks for playing! Yeah, I was not happy with this version of the vehicle controls. Didn't have enough time to rewrite it. One thing I hope to improve. Maybe in a post-jam update :)

Haha, really? That's crazy. At that point, what's the point of even going WebVR ;)

Sort of related, but would WebVR games be acceptable?

Got it!

I also think the timed stars add way too much timing-perfect gameplay. To what would be an otherwise relaxing puzzler. Maybe the times just aren't generous enough?

I don't think I the trackpad dexterity to beat 1-17. Or am I doing it wrong? I feel like this game could work with arrow keys (at least for html5) pretty well.