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[Various Roles] Looking to make a horror visual novel for fun

A topic by Bridiogames created Oct 15, 2020 Views: 476 Replies: 6
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I'm looking for various roles to make a visual novel for fun. I'm a programmer with some experience in Unity but wanted to try Ren'Py. I also write as a hobby. Any help from art to music to anything else would be appreciated.

I really want to make a horror visual novel similar to DDLC. I loved how it used the player's expectations against them to create a truly scary and dreadful experience while still maintaining a mostly bright and vibrant world.

I've had some ideas but a lot of stuff is still undecided. If you have an idea of your own I'm all ears.

As this game is for fun I cannot pay. If the game does get released then it will most likely be free. If it isn't free then revshare, however I'm not really looking to sell something here. Rather, I just want to make something for fun and to learn Ren'Py.

Discord is bridiogames#8260. Message me there if you're interested.


Added! I’m a musician here

Added.  I'd love to help with your Ren'Py project as the team has put our project on hold.



Added friend!