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Story Synth - easily playtest simple games online

A topic by Randy Lubin (he / him) created 18 days ago Views: 67
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I'm thrilled to announce the launch of Story Synth:

It's a web app for playtesting storytelling games online with friends and it's geared toward light games like 'For the Queen'

You can add your custom content by pasting a link to a spreadsheet; no coding needed. More info about Story Synth, including how-to guides, here: 

My goal for Story Synth is to lower the bar to designing and testing games. There are three main ways to use it:

1) Running a playtest by pasting in a spreadsheet link
2) Publishing your game through it (requires some code)
3) Hacking it to add your own mechanics (lots of code) 

Open source codebase if you want to extend it further:

Happy to answer any questions!