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Can't find my game after its release

A topic by Games created 48 days ago Views: 51 Replies: 2
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I uploaded my game here and clicked Public and then Save. Everything seems fine and the link to the game page works great.

But I can not find my game through the search. HELP!!!

My Game :


 Yes, it's all fine. Except it has a minimum price, it's your first game, and you just created the page a few hours ago. So as explained in the Search & Browse FAQ, that you were asked to read twice before being allowed to post in this category, an admin has to see the game first. And you probably just missed a review window, which means it has to wait until tomorrow now. Sorry about that.

I probably really missed it. thank you very much!!! 

This is the first time I am here and hope to stay for many more years :-)